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For online file tuning.

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What is tuning and how does it benefit me?

    Ciptuning is the proccess of altering the software that it is stored inside your engine's control unit and your car uses to function. Every modern car has this software and it is essential for your car to work. We use this to our advantage to modify certain parameters in order to achieve better performace and economy for our customers. This proccess is totally safe and does not put your engine in any risk since it is done by experienced professionals through expensive and specific tools.

    Furthermore, chiptuning allows you to bypass some car featues that might be expensive to fix (such as  adblue,egr,dpf, start/stop,lambda etc.) or allows you to add features (such as burbles,popcorn etc.). 


Stage 1

AdBlue off

EGR off

DPF off

DTC off

Original Files


Stage 1,2,3


Exhaust Flap

EVAP off

AdBlue off


MAF off

Cold Start

EGR off

Torque Limiter

Speed Limit

DPF off

GPF off


DTC off


Launch Control

Original Files



Hot Start

IMMO off

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